Friday, August 18, 2017

18 August

18 August, Friday

1. Math worksheet
2. Literature Review Group Work (due 9.59PM)
3. I&E prototype (present on Monday)

Chinese Oral Test on 22nd August, Tuesday
Higher Chinese Oral Test on 21st August, Monday

Monday, July 31, 2017

31 July Homwork

31 July Homework

Science PT (Do it now, hand it in by today, create a video)
Math AA2 (should get started)
Geog iBook 

Math: NIL
Geog: Tropical Rainforest Worksheet
1&E: ALOU Docs
English: NIL

Reminders: There is an ADMT SketchUp test tomorrow, please prepare yourself as it is graded and account for your personal ADMT Score.

Friday, July 28, 2017

28 July and Weekend Homework

28 July and Weekend Homework:

Science PT(Create a video) (It is due on Mon)
Math AA2
LA PT (Complete the draft) (Await further notifications)
Geog iBook (make it nice)

Math: NIL
Science: Flow of Matter & Energy in the Environment (due on Tues)
Mother Tounge: Respective
IH Geog: You should have passed the Geog question paper to Shannen
I&E: ALOU practice if you haven't done it yet.
ADMT: Familiarise yourself with SketchUp

Reminders and Notes:
ADMT: Suggest that you bring a mouse for the next few lessons until the SketchUp test, where you should bring it again.
If you need help learning or practising SketchUp, please refer to the SketchUp Champions(At least, that's what Shannen calls us), Shannen, Jia Chen, and me. (There may be a few who are not in the chat, please notify any of the 3 of us)

Have a nice weekend! Remember to study for LA test, it's coming soon!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

27 July Homework

27 July

Science PT (Do it now please)
English PT (Finish Up)
Math AA2 (Reflection one is due tomorrow)
IH Geog iBook

ADMT: Try Sketchup, Design Journal, SCAMPER
Math: NIL
Mother Tongue: Respective
Science: Worksheet
IH Geog: NIL

Reminders: LT2 LA is coming up next week Wed, pls study hard.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

26 July Homework

26 July Homework

LA Draft AA2 (Don't forget to cite using citation machine, APA format)
Math AA2 (Reflection 1, explore 3D modelling sites)
Env. Science PT (Take a video)

Geography: NIL
I&E: Google Classroom Draft ALOU
IRS: Video and Project
Math: NIL
Mother Tongue: Respective Homework
ICT: (Optional) Work on BMI Calculator
Reminders: Please bring a mouse for ADMT tomorrow as we are learning Sketchup.
Bring red file for Env. Science 
Answer Mr Peh in the WhatsApp group chat for S1-08 math.

Remember to revise for LT2.